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Eternal Dilemma of Off-Roaders

Pickup has long lost its exclusive farm characteristics, turning into a cool car with all the modern bells and whistles. At the same time, its price is usually lower than that of an SUV with similar characteristics. In addition, a pickup truck has a spacious cargo compartment, with or without a kung. But why do so many drivers in the US prefer SUVs? The experts from Indy Auto Man offer a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of both options. They also describe the core differences between these vehicles in their blog on

Trends in the SUV Development

An SUV is a vehicle primarily for drivers who prefer large-status cars. And not for those ready to knead the dirt day and night and poke around in the car. Ideally, it is enough if the model has at least a minimal set of features:

  • all-wheel drive systems with inter-axle and inter-axle differential locks, lowering side by side;
  • the more passenger seats, the better;
  • electronic assistants for all occasions;
  • advanced security systems (active/passive).

Recently, the usual brutal frame SUVs have become a thing of the past. But this is by no means a dead-end branch of evolution, and the leaders of the global automotive industry are well aware of this.

Body SUVs are lighter than frame ones, consume fuel less vigorously, and cost significantly less. However, one thing is if a car is bought to drive around a big city like Indianapolis and demonstrate its status, and completely different when it is a real workhorse, for example, for huntingor professional trophy raiding.

How Pickups Are Evolving

Pickups have a utilitarian origin. Initially, these were machines invented for the army and agriculture. No one expected premium comfort from them, and the main characteristics were:

  • maximum permeability;
  • off-road transportation of oversized cargo.

It was these requirements that formed the design features of pickups, for which they are valued all over the world:

  • springs in the rear of the vehicle;
  • high ground clearance;
  • bumpers are located high above the ground;
  • frame structure.

As a result, most modern pickup trucks, like their predecessors, have an ascetic appearance.

The pickup segment is constantly evolving. Developers are working tirelessly on softening the suspension while designers are considering the exterior and interior: 4-door models have appeared, and the cabin has become more spacious.

A pickup truck is a demanding car that respects experienced drivers. Therefore, when choosing a model, one should objectively evaluate the skills. For a driver who can handle high speeds and sharp turns on bumpy roads a pickup is a worthy option.

Advantages of pickups over other vehicles

The main advantage of a pickup truck is the price. Even with all the bells and whistles, the auto will turn out to be noticeably cheaper than its counterparts. Especially those that came off the assembly lines of the same manufacturer.

Then the hit parade of advantages looks like this:

  • long resource;
  • inexpensive spare parts;
  • high load capacity;
  • good power reserve;
  • the ability to increase the usable area by installing a kung (which ensures luggage safety).

But, perhaps, the most crucial advantage of a pickup truck is its functionality and diversity.

Advantages and disadvantages of SUVs

SUVs are more universal than pickups. There are more convenient on busy roads and still offer more comfort. Frame SUVs can boast chassis durability, as well as the even distribution of the “frame-body” load when driving over bumps and gullies. Minus – the frame car is rather bulky.

SUVs with a load-bearing body structure have no problems with being overweight. But excessive body mobility when driving off-road is not a plus.

What to choose?

A well-stuffed pickup is certainly no worse than an SUV in its technical characteristics, and for those who wander around cities and villages, it’s just the thing. At the same time, an SUV will meet all requirements of a city dweller who needs to drive off-road from time to time. However, only a personal acquaintance and a thorough test drive will help one make the right decision.

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