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Planning to Buy High-Quality Jeep Wheels? Keep These 4 Pro Tips in Mind

Of all the vehicles that are associated with the United States of America, perhaps the most iconic and instantly recognizable is the Jeep. Once a mainstay of the Armed Forces, the fantastic and super-hardy vehicles saw action on all fronts during the Second World War. Today, the Jeep marque produces a range of SUVs and luxury passenger cars. Many Jeep lovers regularly buy custom Jeep Wheels to give their rides a distinctive look.

Do you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Commander? Perhaps a Jeep Compass? And do you want to replace the standard OEM rims with aftermarket alternatives like Velocity Wheels?

Do keep in mind that it can be a pretty demanding task, as Jeeps are no ordinary SUVs. You must have a pretty good idea of custom rims to select a set which will suit the vehicle perfectly.

Here are some quick tips offered by some of America’s most experienced Jeep Wheels experts.

A handy guide to purchase the best aftermarket Jeep rims

There are several major companies that manufacture a wide range of such custom rims, including luxury brands like Raceline Wheels. The range is so broad in terms of the sheer variety available that there are chances you might get a little befuddled.

To avoid that, simply follow the few thumb-rules mentioned below.

  1. Choose aluminum rims over steel ones: Steel rims are admittedly some of the best options available in the market. However, to ensure you get the high-performance standards that a Jeep provides, regardless of the model you own, select aluminium Jeep Wheels.

Steel wheels have several limitations which are beyond the scope of this write-up. Aluminum rims are lighter, more durable, are available in numerous finishes, and are generally better-regarded. It is doubtless true that aluminum alloy Fuel or Velocity Wheels can never match the strength of steel rims pound for pound.

Still, these alloys have several significant advantages. They will also lower your fuel expenses.

  1. Be careful with the bolt patterns: Every Jeep model has a unique bolt pattern which you must be aware of. Bolts are what enables rims to be mounted on a wheel hub. If you end up purchasing a set of Raceline Wheels, for example, which have a different bolt pattern from the type that is suitable for your car, there will be several problems.

For best results, always check your car owner’s manual where these details will be mentioned without fail. If you are more into DIY methods, you have to keep a tab on the models. Jeep Wranglers usually have 5×4.5 or 5×5 wheels. These figures indicate that the rims have 5 lug nuts which are spaced evenly on a circular hub. The hub has a diameter of 4.5 or 5 inches.

You can also seek advice from the retailer. Else, you can simply get more insights on all types of Jeep Wheels by logging on to the official website of the company.

  1. Ensure you have the right-sized rims: Currently, the trend is to use oversized or undersized rims. These buying trends change every few years, and companies like Raceline Wheels keep up with these changes in customer preferences by coming up with models that are in demand.

While it makes eminent business sense for manufacturers to listen to what the market wants, you should know that using either bigger or smaller rims are risky practices. As a responsible driver who prioritizes safety over all else, always opt for the correct rim size.

You can get more details on the correct size at the retailer outlets. Ensure that the TPMS sensors are mounted perfectly and are in good working order once your selected set of wheels are fit.

  1. Don’t be afraid to try out new designs: The versatility of the Jeep is legendary. This aspect also holds true for the design and aesthetics. Since you have a wide range of glossy and matte finishes to choose from, go ahead and be bold! Ensure that your Jeep Wrangler or perhaps a classic CJ/XJ stands out in a crowd by going for flaming reds, yellows, two-tones, anthracite or metallic finishes.

Look and style aspects are very subjective; choose whichever Jeep Wheels you believe will showcase the effortless grace and all-time classic style of your car.

Summing up

You now have 4 professional tips on selecting great rims for your favorite Jeep. Remember to always go for branded models only, although they will cost you somewhat more than unbranded models.

Branded Velocity Wheels or any other brand you prefer are better on any given day due to an array of reasons.

Finally, whenever you are procuring custom rims, get a full set. Mixing and matching old and new rims is a terrible and dangerous idea.

Happy motoring!

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